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Ms Lois

Ms. Lois (aka Grandma)

  • Customer Service: Arcade

  • Costume Fixer-Upper

My Story

Ms. Lois, (aka Grandma Lois) has loved dance since she was 5 years old when her mom
enrolled her in a tap/ballet class. She continued with ballet and pointe for 8 years. Even though
her formal dance instruction ended during her high school years, she could be found dancing
anything from a polka, to the “twist,” to line dancing, to name a few! Her love of dance was
shared with her daughter through dance lessons and now her two granddaughters are dancers

As a retired RN, she understands how important it is to be a good listener and to provide
quality customer service by improving communication and supportive relationships and having
concerns addressed in a timely manner. During her spare time, she likes to spend time with her
family, sew clothing and home decor, make custom t-shirts and cards, and get together with

Being your Customer Service Representative, she is available to answer any questions and
concerns to assure that both dancers and families can have the best dance experience
possible. She is your “go to” person for class attire, schedules, accounts and events, and of
course, will forward questions to the appropriate instructor or Director as needed. She is
available in order that dance teachers can spend their class time teaching your child. Don't
hesitate to approach her anytime!


Subject Line- Attn: Ms. Lois

Band App- S2S 2022-2023 Page

Studio Phone: 585-653-0039

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