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Soul 2 Sole Dance Studio Prices

2022-2023 Season Cost Breakdown

*all fees are non-refundable and subject to change* 

**30 days notice of withdrawal from program**


All tuition is based on a 9 month season, consisting of 30-32 classes. Tuition can be paid in 9 installments, which will be charged the 1st of ever month and due by the 10th
30 minute classes          $38 per installment

45 minute classes          $43 per installment

60 minute classes          $48 per installment

Unlimited Class Pass (5 or more classes) $185 1st dancer, $30 per additional dancer


This includes costume, tights, garment bag, and accessories
Tiny Treasures                                 $60
Gems (combo costume)                $70
Primary Class (Mini-Sr)                  $80
Company Team                               $90
 *$40 deposit is due October 15th, and remaining balance is due January 1st*

Additional Fees

Additional fees that cover expenses such as; insurance, music rights, studio apps, performance costs, and more.
Membership Fee:
$50 per family due at time of registration
*One time fee per family. Family will get discounts on pop up classes, adult classes, summer sessions, master classes, and more!*

Performance Fees:
*includes: performance logo designs, venue, performance shirt, video and digital download of performance, and 2 parent tickets*
Showcase Fee (Tiny Treasures and Gems)        $50

Recital Fee (Mini-Sr classes)                                $70


Private Lessons

Private Lesson           $25 per 30 minute
Private Small Group $75 per 60 minutes
*small group= 4-6 students*


Multi Class Discount (per family):
5% on 2 classes
8% on 3 classes
10% on 4 or more classes

Military Discount:
10% with proof of valid Military ID
*cannot be paid with annual payment discount*

Cash or Check payment:
3% of tuition



We are happy to provide several fundraising opportunities to our dance families.

Some of our fundraisers are:
Tastefully Simple, Poinsettias, Thirty One, Simply Sheets
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