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Married Dancing Couple





Wedding Dance Lessons

As you know, there are so many things that go into making your wedding spectacular. Flowers, finding the perfect dress, a reception hall, the D.J., caterer and the list goes on. Learning how to dance for your wedding is by far the best part of all of these preparations.

All it takes is a few lessons to learn how to comfortably dance around the floor.  Call Soul 2 Sole Dance Studio today to set up your first private wedding dance consultation. Bring your music, try out a few dances or pick your music based on your favorite dance. We would be delighted in helping you find music and to choreograph your first dance as Mr and Mrs. Newly Weds. 

Couples Private Lessons

$265 for 4 hours or $75/hr.

Don't forget about your wedding party

Do you want your wedding party to make an unforgettable impression by performing a professionally choreographed dance routine at your wedding? Then look no more! Call Soul 2 Sole Dance Studio to book your wedding party's first dance lesson today!


Group Prices (up to 12 people)
$450 for 6 hours or $85/hr.

*for each person over 12 people $10/person

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