Soul 2 Sole's Dress Code

***Appropriate attire plays a crucial role in dance class. This allows teachers to see proper placement, alignment, and posture. These are important components to dance class, any student that is NOT prepared for class in proper attire will be required to sit out and watch. No exceptions!***

Below is the dress code for each type of dance class. Should you have any questions, please contact your dance instructor, post your questions on the BAND app or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


  • Leotard or leotard dress

  • Tights 

  • Leather ballet shoes (Gems, Mini)

  • Pink Canvas split sole (Jr, Teen and Sr)

  • Hair in a bun

  • Skirt


Jazz and Musical Theatre:

  • Leotard or biketard, any color

  • Leggings, shorts, skirt

  • Tan jazz shoes (all Jazz, Jr MT)

  • Hair in a pony

  • Character heels (Teen/Sr MT)




  •  Leotard, fitted shirt

  •  Skirt, leggings, shorts, fitted pants

  •  Hair in a ponh

  •  Black Oxford Tap shoes (Teen/ Sr)

  • Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoes (Mini, Jr)



Modern/ Contemporary, Lyrical, and Acro Dance:

  • Leotard

  • Skirt, shorts, leggings

  • Footless tights

  • Lyrical Shoe: Pirouette shoe (tan)

  • Hair in a bun or pony

  • Bare feet



Hip Hop:

  •  leotard, fitted top

  •  Shorts, pants, leggings, capris

  •  Black canvas sneaker (hightop)

  •  Hair in pony




  • leotard, shorts, leggings

    • nothing below the knee​

  • Ghillies (soft shoe)- must be a snug fit!

  • Hard Shoe/ Jig Shoe (only for Hard shoe class)

Combo Classes: Tu Twos, Tiny Treasure, Gems

  • Leotard, leotard dress

  • Tights

  • Skirt

  • Pink leather ballet shoes

  • Tan Mary Jane tap shoes

  • Tan Jazz Shoes (Gems Ballet/ Jazz)

                                   Where to buy dance attire?


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