*Soul 2 Sole reserves the right to change any classes on our schedule depending on enrollment at any time*

Combo Classes

These classes are designed for our small dancers ages 2-6 yrs old. Classes range from 30-45 minute classes depending on age. Our Tu Two’s (2-3 yrs old) dance for 30 minutes, and focuses on gross motor movements, balance, coordination, and following directions fused with creative movement. We ask that all students in our Tu Two's class will be 2 by November 1st. The twos class will perform a small piece in our end of year SHOWCASE with a parent. Our Tiny Treasures (3-4 yr old) dance for 40 minutes in length, and students will focus on basic tap, and ballet fundamentals while continuing to focus on balance, coordination, isolated movements, following directions, and creative movement. All Tiny classes will perform 1 routine in our end of year SHOWCASE. Our GEMS Combo (5-6 yrs old) dance for 45 minutes and we have two different combos; Ballet- Tap or Ballet- Jazz. These classes will continue to focus on enhancing balance, coordination, large and small movements, more isolations, body alignment and posture, exploring creative movement, and more! Our Gems classes will perform 2 routines (one for each style) in our end of year SHOWCASE.

Tu Twos class policy: If your child is having a very difficult transition into class, we ask that a parent or family member come to class with them for a few weeks until they adjust. If a child goes 4 weeks without being able to participate we encourage them to try again next season. This can be a difficult transition for some and it is our goal to make sure ALL students and staff have a successful class. We ask one family member to learn the end of year Showcase choreography and perform with their child on stage. 

Class Names and current schedules below. Click here to view our dress code


Tu Two's Class
Schedule (2-3 years old)

Arcade               Instructor: Veronica

Monday              4:00-4:30 pm
Springville       Instructor: Tanya

Tuesday             4:10-4:40 pm

Tiny Treasures Class Schdule (3-4 years old)

Arcade                  Instructor: Tanya or Veronica

Monday                 4:40-5:20 pm (V)

Wednesday         4:00-4:40 pm (T)

Saturday                9:35-10:15 am (V)

Springville           Instructor: Tanya

Tuesday                  3:30-4:10 pm *FULL*

Thursday               12:30-1:10 pm

                                   Instructor: Amanda

Saturday               10:05-10:45 am

Gems Class
Schedule (5-6) years old)

Arcade               Instructor: Tanya 

Wednesday  (Ballet/Jazz)  4:45-5:30 pm *FULL*

Thursday (Ballet/Tap)   4:25-5:10 pm

                                Instructor: Veronica

Saturday (Ballet/Tap)  10:20-11:05 am

Springville        Instructor: Tanya

Tuesday (Ballet/Jazz) 4:45-5:30 pm

                                 Instructor: Chelsi

Wednesday (Ballet/Tap) 4:30-5:15pm

                                Instructor: Amanda

Saturday (Ballet/Jazz)  10:50-11:35 am

Ballet Classes

Students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology starting with ballet positions of feet and arms, as well as placement, and body alignment. Each class includes barre work, stretching, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. The ballet curriculum is based on a combination of the Vagonova and Cecchetti methods. As students progress through each level, curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate. After students meet requirements, pointe is offered at the discretion of their ballet instructor. All students are urged to study ballet, as it is the foundation of all dance styles and will help further their success in all other styles.

Class Names and current schedules below. 
Click here to view our dress code

Mini Ballet (7-8 yrs)

Arcade              Instructor: Tanya

Monday             4:25-5:10 pm


Tuesday             5:35-6:20 pm

Junior Ballet (9-10)

Arcade                   Instructor: Tanya

Wednesday           6:25-7:10 pm *FULL*


Tuesday                   5:35-6:20 pm

Teen Ballet (11-13)

Arcade              Instructor: Tanya

Monday             5:15-6:15 pm

Springville      Instructor: 

Senior (14+)

Arcade                  Instructor: Tanya

Monday                   7:10-8:10 pm *FULL*

Pointe & Pre- Pointe (12+)

*director permission only

Arcade                   Instructor: Tanya

Monday                  8:15-9:00pm *FULL*

Jazz Classes

Jazz is an energetic and fun approach to technical dance. Students will focus on learning proper technique, isolations, flexibility, and coordination. Some other elements we focus on in this style are kicks, turns, leaps, and splits. All classes include a thorough warm-up, stretching, conditioning/strengthening, progressions and center floor work. This class is a great way to improve performing qualities!

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Mini Jazz (7-8 yrs old)

Arcade                           Instructor: Kristen

Monday                          5:25-6:10 pm

Springville                   Instructor: Savannah

Thursday                        5:15-6:00 pm

Teen Jazz (11-13 yrs)

Arcade                           Instructor: Kristen

Monday                            7:10-8:10 pm

 Junior Jazz (9-10 yrs old)

Arcade                    Instructor: Kristen

Monday                   5:25-6:10 pm

Springville            Instructor: Kristen

Wednesday            4:35-5:20 pm

Senior Jazz (14+ yrs old)

Arcade                          Instructor: Tanya

Thursday                        7:05-8:05 pm

Tap Classes

Tap is a style that combines dance and movement with sounds and rhythm. This class will use exercises to build flexibility and strength in the feet, knees, and ankles while developing coordination and speed of movement. Emphasis in class will be on learning tap terminology, developing tap technique, execution of steps, rhythm, and patterns. Classes include a thorough warm-up, stretching and strengthening exercises, floor work, and progressions. Making music with your feet is what it’s all about!

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Mini Tap (7-8 yrs old)

Junior Tap (9-10 yrs)

Arcade                   Instructor: Abby

Tuesday                    5:20-6:05 pm

Springville            Instructor: Chelsi

Monday                    5:20-6:05 pm

Teen/ Sr Tap (11+ yrs)

Arcade                         Instructor: Abby

Tuesday                         6:05-6:50 pm

Springville                 Instructor: Chelsi

Monday                         5:20-6:05 pm

Acro Dance Classes

Acro classes will have a strong emphasis on strength, flexibility, muscle control, concentration, and tumbling. Our Acro classes are not the typical/standard tumbling or gymnastic class. Some tumbling skills students will learn include, but not limited to headstands, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, back bends, limbers, and walkovers. The goal for this class is to perform the skills in a dance routine, and be incorporated into other dance routines.

These classes will NOT participate in the recitals until full mastery of the Acrobatique Junior Level. An end of year showcase will take place at the end of our season.

Class Names and current schedules below.

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*Please note that even though we have ages listed below, our classes are divided more on skill level. This decision will be made by the teacher.

Pre-Junior (4-6 yrs old)

Arcade               Instructor: Veronica

Tuesday                    4:30-5:10 pm

Springville           Instructor: Savannah

Thursday                   4:30-5:10 pm

*little to no experience*

Junior 1

(7+, and no experience)

Arcade                          Instructor: Veronica

Wednesday                    4:30-5:25 pm

Springville                  Instructor: Savannah

Tuesday                             4:40-5:25pm

*permission required for students under 7*

Jr 2/3

(9+, and some experience)

Arcade                         Instructor: Veronica

Wednesday                  4:30-5:25 pm


Contemporary/Modern Classes

Modern dance is a style that focuses on the natural movements of the body, which will include suspension and release, fall and recovery, the use of momentum, and connecting breath to movement. Dancers are taught to connect with their surroundings, the music, and build awareness of their own bodies. Class will explore innovative ways of moving through warm-ups, progressions, center work, and improvisation.

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Junior/Teen (9-13 yrs old)

Arcade                 Instructor: Chelsi

Tuesday                6:10-6:55 pm

Springville         Instructor: Savannah

Tuesday                6:20-7:05 pm

 Senior (14+ yrs old)

Arcade                      Instructor: Chelsi

Tuesday                     7:00-7:55 pm *FULL*

Hip Hop Classes


Hip Hop is a high energy, upbeat dance style comprised of street dance, funk, and jazz. This class will focus on musicality, isolations, and coordination. Students are encouraged to step outside the box, and bring their own individual styles and personalities to the movements. Hip Hop requires students to have strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Class will include an intense warm-up and conditioning, progressions, center work, and combination pieces. Expect to work hard, but have a lot of fun while listening to Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B type music.

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Mini Hip Hop

(7-8 yrs old)

Arcade                          Instructor: Chelsi

Thursday                        4:30-5:15 pm

Springville                  Instructor: Kristen

Wednesday                   5:25-6:10 pm

Teen Hip Hop (11-13 yrs)

Arcade                        Instructor: Chelsi

Thursday                        5:20-6:05 pm

Springville                 Instructor: Chelsi

Wednesday                 6:20-7:05 pm

Junior Hip Hop

(9-10 yrs old)

Arcade                           Instructor: Chelsi

Thursday                         4:30-5:15 pm

Springville                   Instructor: Chelsi

Wednesday                    5:25-6:10 pm

Senior Hip Hop (14+ yrs)

Arcade                        Instructor: Chelsi

Tuesday                        8:00-8:55 pm

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a theatrical class that incorporates various dance styles with broadway inspired choreography.  It teaches the fundamentals of performing. Students will become aware of their space on stage, how their movement progresses a story, and most importantly how their emotions affect an audience. There will be focus on proper technique, with emphasis on jazz style choreography. Students will be inspired to break out of their shells using theatre games and drama exercises. It is a true fusion of dancing and acting! This class is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new! 

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Junior Musical Theatre 

(9-10 yrs old)

Arcade                     Instructor: Chelsi

Thursday                    6:15-7:00 pm


Monday                      6:10-6:55 pm

 Teen/ Sr Musial Theatre (11+ yrs old)

Arcade                      Instructor: Chelsi

Thursday                      6:15-7:00 pm


Monday                        6:10-6:55 pm


Lyrical Classes

Lyrical is a dance style that is based on Ballet, Jazz, and Modern technique. This style focuses heavily on the lyrics of a song, and using dance to express the song. In lyrical a big emphasis is placed on synchronization. 

*This class requires students to be currently enrolled in a Ballet or Jazz class, OR have more than 3 years experience in either of those styles.*

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Junior Lyrical

(9-10 yrs old)

Arcade                     Instructor: Tanya

Thursday                   5:15-6:00 pm

Teen Lyrical

(11-13 yrs old)

Arcade                     Instructor: Kristen

Thursday                   6:15-7:00 pm

 Teen/ Sr Lyrical

(11+ yrs old)

Arcade                      Instructor: Tanya

Monday                      6:20-7:05 pm *FULL*

Irish Classes

Irish is based on the traditional Celtic dancing. This class is recreational based, and no competitive components are associated. Students will learn, develop, and advance technique in soft shoe Irish dancing. We will be offering an optional Hard Shoe class for ages 11+.

* students MUST be enrolled in a soft shoe technique class in order to take the hard shoe class*

Class Names and current schedules below.

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Mini Irish 

(7-8 yrs old)

Arcade                          Instructor: Liz

Thursday                        6:10-6:55 pm

Teen/ Sr Irish

(11-14 yrs) *soft shoe*

Arcade                        Instructor: Liz

Wednesday               6:20-7:15 pm

Junior Irish

(9-10 yrs old)

Arcade                           Instructor: Liz

Wednesday                     5:30-6:15 pm

Teen/ Sr Irish(11-14 yrs)

*Hard shoe, must take soft shoe*

Arcade                        Instructor: Liz

Wednesday               7:20-7:50 pm

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