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Meet the Director: Ms. Tanya Siddle



Tanya has lived in the Arcade area for almost all of her life, and has been dancing non stop since she first started, 24 years ago. Being one of the older dancers in her class, and one with the least amount of experience was intimidating at first, but then became the fuel she needed to be the best she could be. Tanya began assisting her instructor a year after she started, and began taking as many classes as possible for herself. She discovered she had a talent for choreography, as she began creating pieces by herself for talent shows, and more. As time went on, Tanya continued to train throughout high school, and college, while assisting more with classes and choreography. It was clear to her that her passion was dancing and kids, which helped guide her major in college. Tanya received her Bachelors in Early Childhood and Childhood education from Buffalo State College in 2010. When teaching jobs were scarce, her husband knew what she was destined to do, own and operate her own dance studio; so that is what they did.

In August of 2011, Tanya and her husband, Justin, started Soul 2 Sole in Arcade, NY. Family members and friends warned her, and even tried to slow the process of jumping right in, but Tanya and Justin had faith and determination that surpassed all the worries. After the first season, they outgrew the small space they were renting, and by the second season they had doubled in size! Since starting the studio, it has been her drive and mission to provide excellent dance education and training, no matter what skill or ability level. Everyone deserves to receive the same dance education, in as many styles as they want. Tanya’s drive for excellence fuels her to stay up to date with current teachings and curriculum to be the best instructor she can be while providing the best dance practices. In 2018, Tanya received her Dance Masters of America Teaching Certification, a 4 year program, certifying in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern. She continues to provide exceptional opportunities for herself, and her staff by being a member of several organizations, such as; I.D.E.A, Team Julie Kay, and more.

 Tanya comes into class, with a smile on her face, and an abundant amount of energy! She is like the energizer bunny, ALL THE TIME! She loves to fuel her classes with fun, and she loves to sing familiar songs at the top of her lungs, so get your voices ready to sing along. Tanya is determined to challenge her dancers, and make them work hard to reach the goals she has for them, as well as the ones they set for themselves. When you come to her class, you will get a teacher who has a true love, joy, and passion for her dancers and the styles she teaches. Tanya’s most passionate style is ballet, but you can find her getting intense and excited about all the styles she teaches, such as; pre-school classes, lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and pointe. Despite her small size, she has a heart that has enough room for each and every one of her dancers! She wants her dancers to have a safe place to be themselves, be accepted, gain confidence, and feel loved. 

When coming to Tanya’s classes, make sure you are on time, dressed appropriately, and have hair off the face. She also encourages her dancers to leave non-dance related things, outside the studio doors. Her time with dancers is one where the influences outside the studio walls isn’t a concern or worry during class. Let dance be your escape, let it be your time to be free, time to be you. If there is ever a concern or problem, just bring it to Tanya, she has an open door policy, and is a support system to all her dance families. We are happy to have her teaching at both of our studio locations, and bridging two different areas to make one amazing community united in dance.


When Tanya isn’t at the studio, which is very rare, you will most likely find her with her 3 kids, Colton, Lucas, and Nessa, and husband. They all enjoy being outdoors; riding dirt bikes, atv’s, and even horses. You will find her kids in all areas of the studio, taking classes, helping out, and doing school work. Tanya feels blessed to be where she is today, growing a small little studio of 56 into two studio locations with over 200 students. “She may be small, but she is fierce.” COVID-19 sent the studio, as well as a large part of the world, into a downward spiral, but she continues to work harder than ever before to keep this studio alive for dancers, her staff, and for her. We are #s2sstrong!!!!


Personality Traits:

Energetic, Passionate, Committed

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