Our Teachers


Chelsi Campbell


Assistant Director 

Chelsi Campbell started her training at the age of two, competition at the age of 4, and has mastered many different types of dance including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Musical Theatre.  She started her training in Niagara Falls, Ontario at Laurie Ewarts Danceworks where she trained for 15 years, then continued her at the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she graduated on the Deans List with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre & Dance with a minor in Dance Studio Administration.

In her years at Fredonia she was a part of Envied Xpression, Hip Hop Dance Team, and Orchesis, a student-run dance Company. In 2016, Chelsi joined the Foxy Diamondz and was given a big role as the lead in her first performance at "Buffalo's Annual: Witches Ball" as Alice in "Alice in Foxland". And for the past five years she has performed at the "World's Largest Disco" at the Buffalo Convention Center.

Not only does Chelsi have experience in dancing but she is also a well-rounded choreographer. She has choreographed multiple dances in her past for Envied Xpression, Orchesis and the Foxy Diamondz, ranging from 1-20 dancers. One being chosen to perform at Dance Days of Buffalo! 

Chelsi Campbell currently resides in Holland, NY. She is a beloved Nanny to many families. Chelsi cannot wait to spread the love and passion she has for dance to her students! 

CLI Studios certified.

Dance Masters of America certification in progress.

Hip Hop and Musical Theatre Curriculum Director.

Savannah Brueckman


Savannah began dancing at the age of 2 at Center Stage Dancing Studio In Cheektowaga. NY. There she trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Acro. It was here that she was first introduced to the world of competition dance. This meant even longer hours at the studio and even more intense training. But very quickly her hard work began to pay off.


Among Savannah’s accomplishments and most prized moments were her multiple performances at Disney in Florida and when she auditioned for a cruise ship and was selected as a performer. Savannah, however, declined the offer to embark on her college days at Fredonia with a major in dance. She soon transferred to The University at Buffalo where she went on to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree. While attending UB, Savannah had the distinct pleasure of performing in Digital Poetry, Emerging Choreographers Showcase and many more. She also taught at various local studios in the WNY area during this time. After graduating, Savannah decided to take some time off to pursue a nursing degree and during this time she realized just how much she missed her passion. 


She is looking forward to returning to the world of dance and eagerly awaits to share her passion for the art that she loves with her students! 

Veronica Glasner

Veronica Glasner  dance instructor at Soul 2 Sole in upstate New York

Ms. Veronica spent most of her growing up years moving from place to place. When she was in the 5 th grade she moved from southern California to Bolivar, NY, where she would finally put down roots. She then moved to Delevan during her junior year of high school and graduated from Pioneer.

Veronica is very passionate about teaching. One of her greatest joys is watching children learn and grasp new things. Her love for acro and tumbling came in the 6 th grade when one of her teachers offered a free tumbling class on Saturday mornings over summer vacation. She was completely hooked from the first class. Once the eight weeks was over, Veronica convinced this teacher to continue offering the class on a

weekly basis. An eight week class turned into a lifelong love for tumbling. Acro/ tumbling taught her discipline and self-control, and gave her a sense of accomplishment. She gained self-confidence and was determined to learn all she could. She practiced constantly and found ways to attend clinics and classes wherever available. Eventually, she was assisting in classes and finally teaching her own. She is excited to combine her passion for teaching with her love of tumbling. Students enrolled in her class can expect to work hard and have fun while building strength, flexibility and confidence. They can expect to learn discipline, gain self-control, and master skills that will enhance their dance experience.

Veronica looks up to her high school English teacher who inspired and encouraged her to pursue acareer in education. She is also very thankful for that teacher who introduced her to acrobatics. She is thrilled to be a part of a studio that shares her passion for young people and their families. She appreciates the philosophy and vision of Soul 2 Sole to share the love of dance in a positive, Christian environment and to encourage students to use the talents that God has given them. She is excited to join

the Soul 2 Sole family and to be a part of such an enthusiastic and talented team.

CLI Studios Certified.

Currently being certified in Acrobatique.

Acro Dance curriculum director.


Kristen Heitzhaus

Kristen was born and raised near most of her family in Strykersville, NY. Since the age of four she has been dancing and has continued ever since. Her grandma was also a dancer and the main reason she started taking classes. She convinced Kristen’s parents to sign her up at a young age, and Kristen is forever thankful for that. Dancing became a part of her life and it was a bond she shared with her. She continued trying every dance class available including ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, and hip hop throughout high school. Not only was she a dancer but she played soccer, basketball, and ran track, but dance was always what she enjoyed the most. Continuing into college, Kristen received a BFA in Dance, as well as a business administration minor. She feels as though she grew the most in her college training and wouldn’t trade it for anything. She learned even more, to always dance with your heart, work hard, and the rest will follow. After college she accepted the opportunity to work for Soul 2 Sole and couldn't think of a better way to give it her all and continue to learn and teach alongside these wonderful kids she's had the pleasure of meeting.

Kristen is very energetic and sometimes a bit loud, but she loves when that energy is reciprocated. She loves to see excitement and passion out of her dancers because she still has that same excitement and passion as well and it’s only grown over the years. When coming into class she wants you to be ready to work hard and always leave it out on the “stage” (but also the classroom). Meaning take advantage of your dance classes and give it all you got. Kristen strives to challenge her dancers, be understanding, and always open for communication. She has followed the motto “Always dance with your heart”, something her grandma told her and she hopes she can inspire her students to do the same. Most importantly she wants everyone to enjoy her class as much as they can, and is always willing to learn more ways to make that possible.

When Kristen isn't teaching, she is dancing for Donegan Dance Exploration, waitressing, and likes spending her free time outside. Whether that is hiking, on a boat or just spending time at her family pond, she loves it all. Other things she really enjoys are; live music, going to concerts, and traveling. She loves to get out and see new parts of the world. 

 She is thankful Soul 2 Sole gave her this amazing opportunity to spread her joy of dance to others and she hopes you will do the same by deciding to sign up for classes at either of our studios!

Liz Sampson


Liz grew up in Williamsville, NY and started dancing at the age of 5 at the Rince Na Tiarna School of Irish Dance in Buffalo. She danced there for 13 years, competing nationally and internationally as well as acting as a teacher's assistant in other classes. Her passion for dance did not take long to form and she jokes that dance was her first true love. She looks up to her dance teacher the most and credits her for her skill in the style as well as the self-discipline and passion for dance she possesses. 


In her spare time Liz enjoys spending time outdoors with her fiancé and their two dogs. If she’s not at the studio you can find her in the woods or at home with a cup of coffee. 


Liz is excited to be teaching at Soul to Sole so she can share her cultural knowledge about the style with her students. Students can expect to work hard, have fun and learn what makes Irish dancing so unique! She is looking forward to connecting with her students and helping them unlock their potential with confidence.